Thursday, March 20, 2014

The big reveal!

The Good Enough Quilters met last night and our first share was the big reveal of our kimono quilt. I finished putting all the blocks together with sashing and borders and now it is ready for the quilter. Dropped it off today and really can't wait to see the final product.

Lynn shared her final house basket, at least for now. This is a surprise gift for someone who doesn't read this blog anyway. This pattern is on my list for sure.

She also shared the phenomenal tee shirt quilt she is working on. Old shirts were used for the sashing around each tee shirt.

The back was made from pajama bottoms. Looks like a great quilt to cuddle up with.

Then it was Dru's turn. She started with the new. This was made with a fat quarter pack that she won. Great colors for a baby quilt.

This was her other new quilt which is also a baby quilt. The pictures are from the children's book, Guess How Much I Love You. More pretty colors.

Then it was time for the old quilts. Dru shared some old family quilts with us. We oohed and aahed and especially took a close look at the stitching. All hand done. One thing we noticed is that none of the quilts have labels so the history and maker of them is unknown. A good lesson reinforced - always label your quilts.

I hope you can appreciate the closeups of some of the hand stitching. Such tiny stitches.

Another old quilt. We decided it was a scrappy quilt and if we had looked closely we might have found some mismatched patches. Nothing would be thrown away.

The final quilt was the most amazing and probably over a hundred years old. Oh, to hear the stories that might accompany this quilt.

It was another red and white quilt but with signatures. We all tried to figure out how they got their writing so tiny - we know they didn't have printers to shrink the size!

Look at the details in these two patches. Amazing!

 And you can see the date - 1842.

These three quilts are real treasures.

Laura ended our sharing with a table topper. Lovely spring design for her table. I think Laura does the most applique of the group. We can all aspire to something. I simply aspire to get some quilts finished!

Happy sewing everyone. 

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