Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another sneak peek!

Dru and Deb finished their blocks this weekend and shared a picture with me. I know others have finished too but as for me, the fabric is still sitting on my cutting table. You would think that with all the cold and snow we've been having, I would at  least have that finished. But, no, other things keep getting in the way.

I may not be sewing but I really have made a lot of quilts in my mind. I get the weekly newsletter from Hawthorne Threads and just made 3 quilts from the fabrics they were spotlighting. If you have never looked at their site, I recommend it. And they have a giveaway of amazing fabric each week and all they want is your email address. So easy!

In the meantime, Christmas is still alive in my house. I just haven't had time to take things down but do plan to do that this weekend.

I sometimes leave the snowmen up longer but not this year. It is time for them to go away too. One friend accuses me of causing the snow with my snowmen and I'm not taking that rap this year. Time for them to go!

Smell the gingerbread, anyone?

Really hate to see the tree taken down, love the lights, but it is time.

Goodbye to Santa and his helpers too.

Hopefully, I'll be sharing my block soon!

Have a warm and happy day, everyone!

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  1. So, is Christmas put away and is your block done? :-)
    Hope your weekend was productive!