Thursday, December 19, 2013

We meet again...

Last Friday we had our annual Christmas dinner meeting at Cindy's house. We each bring food and just sit back and enjoy. This little guy belongs to Cindy. It was her mother's and the body was made from an old quilt. Don't you just love it.

We didn't have too many shares this month. That always makes me feel better since I seldom have anything to share. This was the quilt that Laura made for her daughter and son-in-law. All paper pieced and Laura doesn't even like doing that! And it is huge!!! Luckily, Laura is sending it out to be quilted.

Just wanted to give you a closer look. She promises to show us when it is finished.

Tonight was also our gift exchange or better to call it gift grab. I'm sure many of you have participated in one of these. There were some steals and hopefully, friendships will mend in a month or two! This was one of the gifts that Fran got after, hate to admit it, I took her gift.  She also got a charm pack.

Now, when you see this you will understand why I took Fran's gift. This was a sewing basket that Lynn made. I just couldn't pass it up when the opportunity presented itself. So sorry, Fran.

We had a week of snow days off and on. This picture is from one of those days but now as our weather warms up, we are saying goodbye to a white Christmas but thinking people won't mind seeing it go. It was quite a mess.

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday, wherever you may be. 

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