Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pick up a quilt and some fabric too.

I was only going to the quilt shop to pick up my finished quilt. And you know what that means! But first the quilt. 

Here it is. I love the bright colors and the best thing is now it is finished.

I tried a close up to show the quilting. Ruth, my quilter, did a wonderful wave throughout the quilt. It looks great.

This is the back of the quilt. Two views. When I made the backing, there wasn't enough of the fabric but then I just used some stash fabric. I'm so proud!

When I have it quilted, I also have her do the binding. She has a wonderful binding that she does with piping added. I tried to show you a close up of that so I hope you can see it.

And my true confession, here is the fabric I encountered as I walked in the door. How do you say, product placement. Just loved the individual "seed" packets, all related to sewing.

And these fat quarters are part of the line. See the tape measure. Wonder what I will do with this? The line is called Tidings of Great Joy for Quilting Treasures. Not sure how that fits. Maybe when you have a finish...

Now, heading back to work on the baby quilt for this weekend. Pressure!!

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