Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Here I am, once again!

It looks like it is time again to post for the original reason this blog was started. We have a group of quilters, (and I use that term loosely when I talk about myself!), who meet once a month, sharing quilts and also occasionally working on a charity quilt. I promised to share these pictures that I took at our meeting last week. And it took me less than a week to do it! Right, Fran?

The first pictures were Lynn's sharing. Lynn is from California and once a year, her sisters and some friends come from California for a long weekend of quilting. Doesn't that sound like fun? And each person brings a quilty gift for everyone. These were key fobs of different styles.

We all thought this would be a perfect mug mat but I think Lynn said they were hot pads. Either way, great fabric.

This was a caddy to hang by your machine. It is hard to see but there are three pockets on the banner that are perfect for scissors, etc. Handy and pretty at the same time.

And there was a sewing machine cover for everyone! Again, great colors and fabric.

A makeup case with cute patchwork on one side.

A crocheted scrubbie. Useful and cute.

But the best of all was the felted pig. One of her sisters brought roving and a book with instructions. Lynn made this herself. Sooooooo cute. And of course, I had to order the book! More later.

 Debbie was working on the binding for this finished piece. This was 12 days of Christmas and really done so well. This was a piece we all started a few months ago. I never finished mine but Debbie's bright colors made the perfect quilt for her granddaughter.

And finally, Laura was busily knitting a shawl for her mother. You can't tell very well but each color was a different texture. So very cool.

And yes, I'm going on notice now. I plan to start working on a quilt next weekend. Wish me luck! 


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