Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Here I am, once again!

It looks like it is time again to post for the original reason this blog was started. We have a group of quilters, (and I use that term loosely when I talk about myself!), who meet once a month, sharing quilts and also occasionally working on a charity quilt. I promised to share these pictures that I took at our meeting last week. And it took me less than a week to do it! Right, Fran?

The first pictures were Lynn's sharing. Lynn is from California and once a year, her sisters and some friends come from California for a long weekend of quilting. Doesn't that sound like fun? And each person brings a quilty gift for everyone. These were key fobs of different styles.

We all thought this would be a perfect mug mat but I think Lynn said they were hot pads. Either way, great fabric.

This was a caddy to hang by your machine. It is hard to see but there are three pockets on the banner that are perfect for scissors, etc. Handy and pretty at the same time.

And there was a sewing machine cover for everyone! Again, great colors and fabric.

A makeup case with cute patchwork on one side.

A crocheted scrubbie. Useful and cute.

But the best of all was the felted pig. One of her sisters brought roving and a book with instructions. Lynn made this herself. Sooooooo cute. And of course, I had to order the book! More later.

 Debbie was working on the binding for this finished piece. This was 12 days of Christmas and really done so well. This was a piece we all started a few months ago. I never finished mine but Debbie's bright colors made the perfect quilt for her granddaughter.

And finally, Laura was busily knitting a shawl for her mother. You can't tell very well but each color was a different texture. So very cool.

And yes, I'm going on notice now. I plan to start working on a quilt next weekend. Wish me luck! 

Friday, September 30, 2016

One year later

As a reader just reminded me, it has been more than a year since my last post! Yikes. Where does the time go. Have to admit, my quilting projects are pretty much equal to my blog posts. Maybe if I write and post this, I'll be able to get started again. Really do love doing this.

I'm sure that the Good Enough Quilters will be shocked to see these photos finally being shared. We had our first meeting of the season a week ago and Lynn won the prize for her very prolific summer! Way to go, Lynn.

We all agreed that we loved the look of this quilt. The white really set off the colors and looked so pretty. We also loved the straight line stitching.

Not sure if you can see this but it would be a favorite of any Penn State fans. And it's a baby quilt. More of that straight line quilting too!

Several years ago, many of us in the group participated in a block of the month at a local fabric store. Lynn used her in such a unique way. And be sure to check the photo below to see her stitching.

And then from the not quite finished pile but far enough along to be amazed. Love the look of this. Thinking of trying the pattern myself.

And in the category of, someone please distract her so I can just take the quilt...the Spool Quilt. I have purchased and saved so many patterns like this... and guess how many I have made? You are right and all the more reason to just take Lynn's. Oh, well. I am inspired.
Now, does anyone want to place bets on when the next blog post will appear.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm back...again!

Hi  everyone, I'm finally back. I can't believe almost a year has gone by since I last posted. I know I say I will try to write more and I will but don't want the expectations to be too high! Life has gotten in the way of me doing any sewing but after the meeting of the Good Enough Quilters tonight, I am inspired. Also realized I have two quilts to get made as quickly as possible. 

We didn't have a project tonight, just show and tell. Dru started  us off with two projects. 

This little pouch is Dru's finish from last meeting. Cindy showed everyone how to make this little beauty. You won't see mine since I didn't even try to do it. I was the cheerleader on the side.

Dru also brought a WIP with her. She only has to finish the binding and then she can enjoy this runner on top of her dresser. She used some of that wonderful Life is Good fabric. Remember that?

Don't  you love this large tote that Cindy made? I didn't get a closeup for you but the fabric is simply fabulous.

This little bag was Cindy's other project. She insisted it was quick to make. Hmmmmm.

Then we moved to sharing new fabric. Cindy was given lovely, colorful African waxed cloth direct from Africa. Such great colors, all of them.

Then, it was Fran's turn. She brought a beautiful crocheted baby blanket she is making for a grandbaby on the way. Don't you just love the colors she used?

Lynn had a crocheted piece too. Showed some ingenuity on her part.

Then the quilts! This was one that Lynn worked on for quite a while. It looks so Southwestern.

This one is a quilt using all pieces she had and recycling them in the quilt. She will be donating them and really feels they will appreciate the recycled aspect of this quilt. The blues in the quilt are simply stunning.

The back used up fabric too. It all works so well.

Then we oohed and aahed at Debbie's baby quilt. Great pattern and colors and if you look below you can see the amazing quilting she did on the quilt. I'm in awe. and Inspired.

I really hope all of you are well and hope to get back soon with another post. Enjoy your week, weekend, month and year. (Just in case I don't write soon enough!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where does the time go?

Greetings, everyone! I knew it was a long time since I posted but when I look at the header picture, of spring flowers!, I realize how really long it has been. Time to get back to work!

Went back to the Good Enough Quilters meeting tonight and it was time to catch up. The picture above was a baby quilt that Laura is working on. The group helped her put colors together at the last meeting. Below you can see the gorgeous backing she will use. Good thing it is moving along since it seems the baby is to arrive any day!

It was Dru's turn to share. Don't you love these pillows she made! She and Cindy are attending a monthly modern quilt group and the challenge that Dru completed was making a pillow. We all loved the colors and design of these.

And Dru was happy to show the two mini-quilts that she WON! It was her turn to be lucky.
First, a small Christmas tree quilt that you see below.

And then this small swirly style quilt that does resemble a peacock.  We couldn't decide if the fabric was painted or not. Really pretty colors.

The rest of our meeting was spent cutting out and working on fabric for a Quilt of Valor. This will be our service project at this time. 

Back to you later!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A job well done

The Good Enough Quilters met last week and had a very busy evening. I missed the meeting since I had something less pleasant to do but thanks to Fran, we can see the results. 

 The task at hand was to put together a quilt for a young lady who is battling cancer. We were given photos that had special meaning for her and then put them together with some of her favorite colors. The week before Laura and I were able to figure out how to print them on fabric. And we even made them bigger! It was a proud moment for both of us.

I can imagine the discussions as they worked out the layout for the blocks. It was fun for me to see the pictures after they were framed with fabric.

And the final product is amazing. Now it will go off to the hand quilters who I'm sure will do an amazing job with that. Don't you think it is a job well done?

Now kudos to the hard workers who made fast work of this labor of love.

Keep working. Time is of the essence.

Taking care of pressing matters.

What do you think?

Dru's turn at the iron.

I will get this finished tonight.

Almost done. That was fun!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The big reveal!

The Good Enough Quilters met last night and our first share was the big reveal of our kimono quilt. I finished putting all the blocks together with sashing and borders and now it is ready for the quilter. Dropped it off today and really can't wait to see the final product.

Lynn shared her final house basket, at least for now. This is a surprise gift for someone who doesn't read this blog anyway. This pattern is on my list for sure.

She also shared the phenomenal tee shirt quilt she is working on. Old shirts were used for the sashing around each tee shirt.

The back was made from pajama bottoms. Looks like a great quilt to cuddle up with.

Then it was Dru's turn. She started with the new. This was made with a fat quarter pack that she won. Great colors for a baby quilt.

This was her other new quilt which is also a baby quilt. The pictures are from the children's book, Guess How Much I Love You. More pretty colors.

Then it was time for the old quilts. Dru shared some old family quilts with us. We oohed and aahed and especially took a close look at the stitching. All hand done. One thing we noticed is that none of the quilts have labels so the history and maker of them is unknown. A good lesson reinforced - always label your quilts.

I hope you can appreciate the closeups of some of the hand stitching. Such tiny stitches.

Another old quilt. We decided it was a scrappy quilt and if we had looked closely we might have found some mismatched patches. Nothing would be thrown away.

The final quilt was the most amazing and probably over a hundred years old. Oh, to hear the stories that might accompany this quilt.

It was another red and white quilt but with signatures. We all tried to figure out how they got their writing so tiny - we know they didn't have printers to shrink the size!

Look at the details in these two patches. Amazing!

 And you can see the date - 1842.

These three quilts are real treasures.

Laura ended our sharing with a table topper. Lovely spring design for her table. I think Laura does the most applique of the group. We can all aspire to something. I simply aspire to get some quilts finished!

Happy sewing everyone.